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The process that companies commonly associate with selling their used fleet equipment, often times, conjures up thoughts of disgust, frustration & time wasted.  Find out why fleet managers all over the country are choosing to sell their equipment to Image Truck Partners.  ITP’s streamlined, analytical approach to buying equipment enables its business partners to spend more of their time generating revenue, finding efficiencies, servicing their customers all while enjoying ITP’s industry leading approach to customer service.  Our place in the market is insuring that your issues are our solutions.


Socrates[1]We believe in being students of our surroundings and seeking out every new opportunity to learn.  By doing this we not only enable ourselves the opportunity to lead in our industry, but also learn how best to strategically assist our clients in ways others cannot…

mission-sign[1]Our mission is to build enduring relationships, with like-minded individuals, who value a smarter, streamlined approach to the selling of their fleet equipment.

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Why fleet managers are switching to Image Truck Partners

Self-representation and auctions often times will come with unforeseen pitfalls and delays.  Hindrances such as, seller’s fees, underwriting complexities, surprise relocation and preparation costs are just a few of the reasons clients are reaching out to Image Truck Partners.

Why value added service has become so important:

At the end of the day, all equipment has a price range that it is going to fall into. Understanding this creates the urgency to find someone that can provide a value proposition beyond fair market value.  Your partner should also offer a professional approach, a trustworthy interaction and the potential to serve as a strategic sounding board for your company’s future fleet purposes. If you currently have a trade partner that can check these boxes, be thankful. If not, it might be time to explore other options available to you, and we hope that we can be considered to fulfill that gap in your business network!

What to look for in a trading partner:

Image Truck Partners is not the only option you have for selling your equipment, but when selecting a partner, here are a few thoughts to consider… 

Financial strength and the expertise

Does your partner have the fiscal ability to insure a smooth underwriting to insure a short and easy sales cycle for you

Keen comprehension of market fluctuation

Having a finger on the pulse of the market is more than just knowing pricing, its understanding what drives the pricing. EPA rules, mileage, condition & market saturation are some of the key price influencers to understand

Resolving Issues

Understand the legal and financial procedures that ensure a smooth closing

Customized Tailored Service

Each of our clients has its own sets of needs when it comes to liquidating its fleet equipment, make sure that your trading partner has the ability to  wrap its resources around your core selling needs

Ron & Todd Cut Down

Who We Are

It’s all about family

The Image Truck Partners story is that of a father and son team who reunited 6 years after the sale of their family, distribution, business.  Their unique exposure to firsthand experience with fleet liquidation, along with a grounded understanding of negotiating both the buying and selling of used cars and trucks opened a new door to put their expertise to work.  Both Ron and Todd’s careers have flourished under the premise of making the client the centerpiece of all of their strategic decisions.  In doing such, Ron and Todd enable clients the opportunity to develop a joint partnership as opposed to the traditional adversarial relationship associated with fleet liquidation.


Ron headIn 1985 Ron acquired his family’s wholesale auto parts business from his uncle, who founded the company in 1957. Under Ron’s leadership, the company grew to $85 million dollars of annual revenue, operating out of seven regional distribution centers.  After selling the company to the industry leader, it enabled Ron to continue his passion for cars. Ron founded Image Motors, an internet based, pre-owned car company.

Ron is a lifelong resident of Kansas City who attended the University of Kansas.  Ron’s favorite way to spend his free time is with his wife Denise, their three kids and four grandchildren.  Ron is a classic car collector that has enjoyed a collection ranging from a ’48 Cadillac convertible, street rod to ’72 Chevelle SS 454 convertible.  When not working, Ron also derives a great deal of pleasure from giving his time to numerous charitable organizations.  Ron and Denise have been fortunate enough to be able to travel abroad and Ron still holds the record for most gelatos consumed in a single day while in Italy…


Head ShotTodd, like his father, is a lifelong resident of Kansas City, with the exception of a four year release program to attend Arizona State University.  Promptly after graduating from college, Todd returned to Kansas City to work for his family’s wholesale auto parts company.  Having grown up working at the company, Todd was exposed to everything ranging from warehouse work to strategic management.  After the company was sold to the $650 million industry leader, Todd spent the next three years, working for the acquiring company.  During his tenure there, Todd gained invaluable business experience while managing both inside and outside sales forces for the company.  Shortly thereafter, Todd discovered his new professional passion, the used truck and trailer industry.

Todd and his high school sweetheart, Celine, were married after graduating from Arizona State.  Together they have a son and daughter enabling them to experience the joys of parenthood from both sides of the fence! Todd is a lifelong sports fan, who has been forced to endure Kansas City sports for longer than he cares admit, but still believes the Royals will win the World Series every April.  Much of Todd’s free time is spent with his family, mornings at the gym and time outside.  Todd, also like his father, has been fortunate enough to travel abroad, but his fitness minded wife will not allow him to attempt to break his father’s gelato eating record…

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We invite you to learn more about our operation and business philosophy, either over the phone or in person. We look forward to figuring out how to put our knowledge to work for you!